• Michael Karlin, Attorney

    Michael Karlin

    Michael Karlin is a California attorney and an English solicitor with nearly 30 years of experience advising clients on the taxation of cross-border transactions and investments.

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  • Jane Peebles

    Jane Peebles

    Jane Peebles is certified by the California State Bar Association as a specialist in Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Law.

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  • Maria

    Maria-Soledad Otero

    Maria-Soledad Otero has been an Associate from 2011 to date at Karlin & Peebles, LLP, Beverly Hills, CA.

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  • Thomas M. Giordano-Lascari

    Thomas M. Giordano-Lascari

    Thomas Giordano-Lascari is an accomplished income tax and transactional attorney specializing in international matters for high net worth private clients.

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